Reflections of a student blogger, on a clear December night

There are many nights like this one where I can’t sleep – ideas, so tantalizing like glimmers of gold in a wide river pass through my mind, floating to the surface in the calmness before unconsciousness. It’s in these moments when I know I’m in a good headspace, full of life and art. It’s also when I wonder, “maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that piece of chocolate before bed.”

These feelings of boundless creativity are what make me feel filled to the brim with gratitude – I am so glad I was a student blogger for DIS and got to explore this new side of me this semester.

When I was younger, I used to draw a lot. Just for the sake of it, to chase or maybe to float in the flow of inspiration. Whenever I finished a drawing or piece of art, I knew I was done to the best of my ability when I felt this soft satisfaction – like the ringing of a great bell, somewhere in the mountains, glowing a warm bronze in the unlit space in the back of my mind.

It’s perhaps in seeking this feeling that I ran into some challenges while blogging and was forced to recognize/learn this about myself. I was slow to start and slow to post. I underestimated how long it would take to write a post, edit, and edit again, choose photos, develop a concept, and get to the keyboard. I froze up in the face of my expectations.

There are a million ways to start a story and with every blog post, repeating the process of experimentation, starting again, and having the patience to let an idea sit and close my laptop, has dissolved some of my fear of beginning. Being a student blogger has shown me that if I just let myself begin – whether in the middle of a sentence, the end of a story, from the distant future, or as incoherent bullet points – I give myself the chance to feel fulfilled by creating again. More so than navigating the new social norms in Denmark, in a topsy turny Alice-through-the-looking-glass way, I came to navigate a new way of life for me.

So, if you’re a DIS student, reading this before you pack your bags or are considering joining the student media team, I’d say go for it. Whatever happens happens, and you can always start a blog on your own. It’s up to you and if you decide to trust your instinct and see what happens next. I can’t really believe I’m here, at the end of the semester, and managed to get more than two blog posts in. I thought I was terrible at expressing myself, I didn’t begin to like English class or writing until high school, and never considered myself a writer – but I’m sure glad that I tried.

– Zoe

Thank you for reading and being with me this semester!

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