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If you want to learn about daily life and studying abroad in Copenhagen, you’re in the right place. Happy reading!

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Magical Norway Part 2: Rjukan

Bake bread and stargaze in beautiful Vermont-on-steroids with my Sustainable Food class. Let’s make Norwegian farmcore a thing!

Magical Norway Part 1: Oslo

You made it! And just in time, the ferry just pulled out of Nordhavn and we’ll be in Oslo by morning.

Halloween in Copenhagen

Welcome back, dear reader. What I’m about to tell you is a true story.

Unexpected adventure in Malmö

Thrifting, pastries, and … dung beetles? Everyday adventure is only a train ride away in Malmö.

What we ate in Bornholm: vegetarian edition

Feast your eyes and feed your mind! On my class trip to Denmark’s “Sunshine Island,” we ate mostly plant-based meals and explored Bornholm’s sustainable food scene.

Settling in

Here in Denmark, the wind is starting to blow with an icy edge and the leaves in Copenhagen’s many parks are fading yellow – fall is fast approaching.